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veteran services

we are proud

to assist our nation's heroes

Are you a veteran in need of a decent, affordable place to live? Or are you a veteran that owns a home in need of repairs? Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh is eager to assist you.

“This program will provide veterans a greater opportunity to succeed, gain wealth through the equity in their home, provide a safe place for their families to live and will help their assimilation back into society, having achieved the American Dream.”

“I have seen the difficulty that some of our veterans have in making the transition from military to civilian life. I believe that home ownership is one of the foundations for that transition and veterans are a proud group of people who at times find it difficult to ask for help.”

why become a Habitat Pittsburgh homeowner?


Think owning a home is too expensive? Think again. Habitat Pittsburgh works with you to ensure that your new home is affordable for you based on your income. Payments generally range from $450 to $800 per month (including taxes and insurance), depending on the size and location of your new home.


This program puts you back in control of your living situation, by providing an affordable way to own a safe, secure home. Better, affordable living conditions lead to improved health and allow you to invest in your future and pursue new opportunities. 


Owning a home allows you to build wealth and financial security for your future.

Habitat for Humanity Veteran Volunteer

steps to becoming a Habitat homeowner


You apply to Habitat Pittsburgh and demonstrate you and your family are currently living in substandard housing, have a steady income, and are willing to partner with us. Our team will work with you to help you through the application process. Simply contact Michelle, our Director of Homeowner Services.


We work with donors and sponsors who contribute financial resources which allow us to purchase the tools and materials necessary to build or rehabilitate a home. Then houses or empty lots are donated or purchased by Habitat Pittsburgh and construction begins.


You help build your home alongside volunteers and Habitat Pittsburgh's construction team. Families must contribute 350 hours of "sweat equity," working on the home. This allows you to make a tangible investment and build pride in your future home.


You also participate in Financial Literacy courses provided by Habitat Pittsburgh's staff and Advantage Credit Counseling. The knowledge gained will help you to manage any debt you may have while budgeting for the future.


Upon completion of the program (which typically takes six months to a year) you will make an small downpayment of $950. You will then sign your affordable, 30-year, no-interest mortgage. You now own your home.


You make timely monthly mortgage payments. These mortgages are invested in future Habitat Pittsburgh homeownership projects, meaning you help other families achieve the same dream. 

do you qualify for a Habitat Pittsburgh veteran home?

To purchase a Habitat Pittsburgh home through our veteran homeownership program, you must meet these qualifications:

steady source of income

Our program is a hand-up, not a hand-out. Habitat Pittsburgh homes are sold with an affordable, no-interest mortgage. You must demonstrate a steady income that is within our income guidelines.

current need for housing

We work to empower you to achieve decent shelter. You must currently be living in substandard conditions. This may include your current residence having safety concerns, health risks, high crime, or being overcrowded. 

willing to partner with us

You must be willing to work with Habitat Pittsburgh.  This includes working alongside volunteers on Habitat Pittsburgh projects, and taking part in financial literacy classes to help manage debt and budget for the future. 

no dishonorable discharge

You must hold a discharge from the United States military that is not classified as dishonorable. If you feel that there should be a change in your discharge status, we can help find you assistance in doing so.


Home Repair

Repair Project in Forest Hills

typical repairs include:

Minor to extensive exterior repairs:

  • Painting

  • Window repair

  • Siding and trim repair

  • Roof and soffit repair

  • Porch, stair, or ramp repair

  • Landscaping

  • Door replacement 

  • Accessibility Modifications

Energy efficiency improvements:

  • Energy-efficient windows and doors

  • Energy-efficient heating/cooling systems

  • Air sealing

  • Insulation and ductwork

critical home repairs

Are you in need of extensive home repairs to restore safe and sound living conditions and home value?

Habitat Pittsburgh is able to provide affordable rehabilitation work for major home repairs and improvements necessary alleviate critical health, life and safety issues or code violations.

do you qualify for repairs?

Own and occupy a home in the greater Pittsburgh area and possess homeowner's insurance

Able to make a minimal monthly payment to help cover the cost of repairs

Willing to partner with Habitat Pittsburgh by working alongside volunteers on the project (number of hours determined by the size of the project)

Repair Project in Carrick

interested in applying?

Emily 2.png

Emily Kammenzind, Vice President of Homeowner Services
Phone: 412-450-8520 ext. 10
Fax: 412-450-8143

ready to apply?
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