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PRESS RELEASE: Faith-Based Partners Announce Free Homeowner Repairs for Residents in Larimer

PITTSBURGH – Dr. Howard B. Slaughter, Jr., President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh and Dr. Donn S. Chapman, Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Ministries announced a partnership to repair homes in Larimer and Homewood. Church volunteers will repair the homes of nine Larimer and Homewood families at no cost to the families. Habitat Pittsburgh is a Faith-Based organization whose mission includes working with the ecumenical community in establishing homeownership and home repairs for families throughout Allegheny County. Larimer and Homewood are Social Action communities, where many residents are working to bring about positive change.

Annually, Cornerstone Ministries engages in Uncommon Service Weekend, to assist families who need home repairs of all types. Previously, Cornerstone’s 1,000 volunteers have primarily served in Westmoreland County. This is the first time Uncommon Service Weekend will extend into neighborhoods in the City of Pittsburgh. The Church suspends its three services for a weekend to maximize volunteer participation. Cornerstone Ministries also pays for all repairs and uses its volunteers, many of whom are skilled professionals, to complete the work.

Dr. Slaughter said, “Habitat Pittsburgh knows safe and healthy homes are critically important and is why Habitat Pittsburgh focuses on both homeownership and home repairs. This partnership is symptomatic of what cross-pollination of suburban ministry and urban revivification can be. Vulnerable families whose homes need repair benefit from partnerships such as the one Habitat Pittsburgh and Cornerstone Ministries have initiated. Needed repairs that remain unresolved often result in more concerns and costs futuristically and in some cases, may be unresolvable if not addressed in a timely manner, which is why this initiative is so imperative. Home repairs are always necessary, particularly for seniors, who may also have mobility issues and live on a fixed income, which limits their ability to pay for necessary repairs.”

“Cornerstone’s mission is to build lives and families on lasting values,” related Dr. Chapman. “Because of his role as CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh and as a Trustee at Cornerstone Ministries, I knew Dr. Slaughter was deeply committed to helping families. Our church wanted to extend its work into urban communities and Dr. Slaughter was the natural choice. The result is Urban Uncommon Service Weekend. We are overjoyed to have our church members volunteering in Larimer and Homewood to repair the homes of eight wonderful families. At Cornerstone, we put our Faith into action, that’s what Uncommon Service Weekend is all about!”

About Cornerstone Ministries:

Cornerstone Ministries is a dynamic, contemporary, non-denominational church, led by Senior Pastor Dr. Donn S. Chapman and located in Murrysville, Pa. With approximately 2500 members, Cornerstone is a church that not only talks about loving God and people, but strives to live it out every day. Cornerstone offers three weekend services, Saturday evenings at 6 p.m. and two on Sunday mornings at 9 and 11 a.m. For more information visit Cornerstone online at

About Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh:

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh puts God’s love into action by bringing people together to build andrehabilitate homes, communities and engender hope. We are an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, a global, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing. We serve income-eligible families who would otherwise have a limited opportunity for homeownership or home repair. Our work is made possible by thousands of volunteers, staff, board of directors, corporate support and philanthropic funding.

Contact: Dr. Howard B. Slaughter, Jr., President & CEO Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh 1.866.NEW.HOME (Office) 1.412.450.8520 (Office) 1.412-527.3982 (mobile)

Jennifer Lawlor, Director of Communication & Creative Arts Cornerstone Ministries 2200 Cornerstone Lane, Export, Pa. 15632 724.733.0070 (office)

412.400.0703 (mobile)



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